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Are you looking for a new way to optimise your home and make the most out of unused space in your loft? If so, you are in the right place! At 5 Star Attics, we do attic conversions in Citywest and help you to make your dream loft a reality. Whether you are looking for some extra living space, or for an area for storage, we do it all! As your team of attic conversion specialists in Citywest, we pride ourselves in working to the highest standards, and producing loft conversions that results in happy customers in Citywest and beyond time after time. Our attic conversion Citywest services are bespoke to your desires!

Thinking about what your attic has the potential to become? Our loft conversions Citywest company has worked on a wide variety of projects meaning we have a large portfolio showcasing a number of different styles when it comes to attic conversions. Perhaps you have always dreamed of having an extra guest bedroom? Or maybe you work from home and need a bigger office space? Perhaps you want to convert your attic to create something great for your kids like a playroom. Whatever vision you have for your attic, we will offer you a free mock up design and quote so we can begin to unlock the potential of your attic.

Choose a Citywest Loft Conversion Specialist, Choose 5 Star Attics

By getting your loft converted or renovated you will be significantly improving your house market value AND creating additional living space.

Choosing a team of attic conversion specialists that share the same vision as you is important in ensuring that your loft turns out just how you had imagined. Choosing 5 Star Attics as your devoted team of loft conversion experts allows you the flexibility to get creative with ideas. We will work with you in creating a space in your loft that you can’t wait to use. Need more convincing? If you are looking for a company with the skills and knowledge needed to execute your attic conversion project beautifully, look no more.

Being in the loft conversions business in Citywest for a number of years has allowed us to become super familiar with the most common concerns and queries from homeowners and people converting their lofts. We have worked on so many unique and bespoke attic conversions that nothing is new to us at this stage. Our team of attic conversion specialists are always happy to discuss your ideas and needs so that we can transform your loft into something really great.

By getting your loft converted or renovated you will be significantly improving your house market value AND creating additional living space

There are many reasons why converting your attic is a good idea, but most people like that doing so not only optimises your home in terms of space, but it also increases your house market value.

If you find yourself wondering how to get the most out of your home’s space, but you are not willing to go through the hassle of building an extension, then an attic conversion might be right up your alley. There are so many different options when it comes to transforming your loft, and our team of attic conversion specialists are ready to use their finest skills to get the job done for you at the highest of standards. If you are intrigued by the idea of increasing the value of your home by converting your attic, here are some of the most popular designs 5 Star Attics choose when they decide to make the most out of their attic:

Whatever your needs are, taking advantage of the space which is most likely going to waste in your attic is a great idea for anyone who loves the idea of optimisation and increased home value.

Why Should I Choose 5 Star Attics to Build my Loft Conversion in Citywest?

Choosing 5 Star Attics for your attic conversion is the easy and best choice!

We are Experienced!

If you are searching for an loft conversion company in Citywest that can transform your idea and vision into a real possibility in no time, we are the team for you. 5 star attics have the experience and expert knowledge to convert your attic or loft into a space that is not only useful, but modern and a space that you can be proud to show off. We know from our years of experience that attics often get crammed and messy, but know that your attic is full of potential! We have worked on a huge number of projects converting your chaotic addicts into spaces which you can get joy and use from in no time.

We Work to the Highest Standard!

At 5 Star Attics, our team of loft conversion Citywest specialists work to the highest standard of workmanship there is. This is to ensure that your attic conversion works out to be even better than you had pictured at the beginning of the process. Our team of attic conversion specialists always make sure that all regulations are adhered to when converting your attic into something amazing. We do this to protect you, your family, and your property while we work hard to show the true potential of your attic.

Take a look at our next section, covering costs, frequently asked questions and more helpful information on what conversions involve.

Browse through our portfolio to see the quality of our workmanship, and the professional service you will receive when you choose 5 Star Attics to undertake your loft conversion or extension. We are a Lucan based company covering the whole of Dublin and the surrounding counties.

Loft Conversion Design and Build

When it comes to converting your attic, we want to make the whole process easy and smooth. You can rest assured that each step of the attic conversion process will be hassle free and seamless. All of the work that we do is done by in-house experts who have the necessary qualifications and experience to execute your loft conversion project to the highest of standards. The first step in the process is all about getting an understanding of your vision and your goal for your attic transformation. You will speak to a member of our team about design ideas and their feasibility, and once you settle on a final objective for the project, 5 Star Attics are good to get started. Next our team will get their tool boxes and get to work on a number of different elements of the process such as the structural and architectural design of the attic, planning and building regulation applications if they are needed, site surveying, construction and project management of the overall attic conversion. Lucky for you, you don’t need to concern yourself with any construction jargon, instead you can relax as our experts get to work to make your vision a reality!

How much does a typical attic conversion in Citywest cost?

Seeing as every property and attic space is different and unique in its own way, an exact cost can only be determined by conducting further research into your particular loft. This would entail doing a survey and discussing the requirements. The total cost of your loft conversion completely depends on what you are planning on doing with your attic, as well as the size of your attic and what work is required to be done in order to do the job to the best of our ability.

When it comes to cost, our pricing is always upfront and clear. You can be sure that there are no hidden surprises or changes. The price you are quoted will always be the price you pay, no matter what. We pride ourselves on being credible which includes full transparency through the process.

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