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You have a hidden gem in your home and chances are that you’ve been neglecting it. We are speaking of your attic. Transforming your attic into a space you can use, be it a simple storeroom or a cosy bedroom by engaging attic conversion specialists like us is indeed a great idea! 5 Star Attics shall be more than happy to provide you with all the help you need to create a useful space out of your attic. Enjoy watching our attic conversion Dundrum specialists get to work and transform your messy attic into a dream space. 

While working on any attic conversion job, our attic conversion specialists always comply with the industry standards and they make it a point that you receive quality service. After you choose us with your attic conversion job, our loft conversion Dundrum team sees to it that all your expectations are met. After working with hundreds of Dundrum homeowners, we say with pride that we have transformed the attic in many houses into lovely spaces. It has given us many customers in Dundrum who are loyal to us, thoroughly pleased with our superior quality attic conversion work. 

We, at 5 Star Attics, are a leading attic conversion company. When we say that we possess the skills and expertise needed to successfully remodel an attic, we say so with confidence. We have worked on many attic conversion projects which we have featured in our company portfolio. It has given us a very impressive profile. As a leading attic conversion company, we have worked on a variety of attic conversion jobs. 

Our customers therefore have an amazingly wide range of loft conversion jobs they can take their pick from. You have no idea of the immense possibilities your attic offers—from a comfortable bedroom to a cute playroom. Come, explore what your attic can be turned into with us. We also make sure that your converted attic gels with your home’s overall interiors perfectly. Reach out for a reasonable quote and a free mock-up design. You are sure to be impressed by our professionalism and efficiency when we work on your attic conversion. You’ll realise why we are so popular in Dundrum.

5 Star Attics, The right people to convert your attic

It’s important that the attic conversion specialists you choose are the right people for the job. They must thoroughly understand how you want your attic to be. The job should reflect your desires. It’s a delightful experience watching your ideas take shape after we proceed with the work on your loft conversion job. We give you a detailed walkover of the project so you know fully well what your converted attic will look like after the remodelling. This is why we have no disappointed customers in Dundrum.

In Dundrum, 5 Star Attics are the only people who possess the expertise needed to pull off attic conversion jobs successfully. We offer all attic conversion solutions under one roof in Dundrum and we are experts in completely transforming attics very efficiently with you having to face no hassles. 

Today, we possess valuable experience which we have gained over the years working in the attic conversion sector in Dundrum and the surrounding areas. This experience has given us a deep insight into the many challenges homeowners in Dundrum face while converting a loft. Many homeowners have approached us with their attic conversion jobs and we have delivered the desired results successfully. Many attic conversion jobs need extra attention at times, something we are very particular about. It makes sure that nothing goes wrong in the project. We discuss every plan you have about your attic conversion and then execute them to a ‘T.’ 5 Star Attics have made many homeowners in Dundrum very happy indeed, very pleased with how we have transformed the loft in their homes.

Apart from creating extra space, loft conversion projects increase a home’s market value

Making optimum use of the space available inside your home and converting your attic is a great idea to raise its market value. An attic conversion increases the space inside your house without you having to face the hassles that come with an extension job. Call us and let’s get started with your attic conversion right away. Transforming your loft creates an extra room in your home which naturally helps you fetch a higher price for it. Attic conversion is therefore a great way to raise your home’s market value in Dundrum. 

Our office in Dundrum offers you a lot of options after you’ve decided to go for an attic conversion. We at 5 Star Attics comply with the highest loft conversion standards in every single phase of the job. Our experts make use of their interior designing skills so they can offer you efficient solutions for attic conversion. You’ll be amazed by the magical transformation we bring into your attic after the job is done. There are a lot of attic conversion jobs we have delivered successfully in Dundrum. We feel pride in saying that each time, we have succeeded in making our customers happy. 

We at 5 Star Attics offer many options for attic conversions. Visitors to your house are sure to be very impressed with the stunning transformation in your attic. You may choose to remodel your loft into:

Make it a point not to leave any extra space in your house neglected and unused, especially your attic. Create a dream space out of your loft having it converted by us. Leaving your attic unused is unwise, more so when you can raise your home’s market value by having your loft converted by us.

The benefits of choosing 5 Star Attics

We possess years of experience!

We have gained years of experience after working on many attic conversion jobs. It has given us the necessary skills and expertise to bring about a spectacular transformation in your attic. We have successfully delivered many loft transformation jobs in Dundrum after remodelling them thoroughly. Our customers have been very pleased with how we have implemented their creative ideas and vision transforming their attics into dream spaces.

Trust us when we say that we have created magic out of hundreds of attic conversion jobs in and around Dundrum. We know attic conversions inside out. It makes us your go-to people for magical loft transformations. You realise what potential your attic always had after we bring a spectacular change in your loft after the job is done. We take up the hassles of converting your attic and gift you a space you can impress your guests with. Yes, what was once your neglected attic is today your favourite space to chill.

We adhere to the highest standards!

Even when minor jobs like painting and drilling are being carried out during the attic conversion, we make it a point to comply with the highest safety standards. We are very serious about adhering to the highest standards since we realise that your family’s and your safety are at stake. While we make sure of adhering to the highest safety standards, we are always ready with a checklist of the same for the customer during the attic conversion. Our professionalism and superior workmanship have helped us earn a good reputation in Dundrum. We ensure that the loft conversion job not only meets your expectations, it exceeds them.

Build and design conversion concepts of lofts

Our mission is to complete the attic conversion job smoothly. We drop by at your place to understand how you visualise the attic conversion and what you desire from it. We take note of your ideas about the attic conversion and then discuss how feasible they are with you. After understanding what phases are involved in the attic conversion project, we proceed with the job after getting the tools. This includes designing of the loft—architectural and structural, planning the regulation applications and getting them ready, site survey, constructing and management of the entire attic project. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your attic conversion project remains hassle-free and seamless.

What’s the cost of an attic conversion job?

The cost of an attic conversion project depends on various factors and they differ between homes. We carry out a site inspection and share an estimate only after documenting your requirements properly. Your vision and the goals you have set for the attic conversion also influence the cost. We ensure that we don’t overshoot your attic job budget. You pay only the price we quote irrespective of the determining factors. Only after extensive research do we share the cost with you. There are no hidden costs that unnerve you after the project work has started. We have earned a lot of trust and goodwill in Dundrum with our “no hidden costs” policy.

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