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Attic conversion specialists can help you convert spaces left unused in your home, like your attic to create extra living space or add some storage area. We, at 5 Star Attics, are a leading company possessing the necessary expertise to create some extra space at your home if you have been looking for it. Putting our experience and expertise in attic conversions Tallaght into action, we can convert your much neglected loft into a dream space. You may want to use your attic only to store unused furniture or you may want to convert the attic into a cosy reading room offering the calm and quiet you want so much when you read your favourite book.

With our team of professional attic conversion specialists in Tallaght, we offer excellent quality service while complying with the industry standards during every phase of the project. It’s the constant and dedicated efforts of our loft conversions Tallaght experts that have helped us meet what our customers need and seek from us. It has earned us a loyal band of customers. We have been honoured to work for many homeowners in Talllaght who have approached us for attic conversions.

We at 5 Star Attics are a leading company with vast and comprehensive experience in loft conversions. That allows us the privilege to feature a lot of projects in the portfolio we have. We have carried out numerous attic remodelling projects. It gives our clients a wide range of choices from which they can pick a design. You have no idea of the many possibilities your loft offers. We at 5 Star Attics are a company that is an expert in making sure that the remodelling of your attic syncs perfectly with your home’s existing interiors. We can convert your loft into a vibrant party zone or your own private space where you can escape the buzz downstairs. Yes, the possibilities are immense! We take your visions of your attic as our mission offering a free mock up design and a reasonable quote as well. Come, explore the many possibilities that your loft offers with 5 Star Attics, leading attic conversion specialists in Tallaght.

5 Star Attics, the best choice for attic conversions

Choosing the right experts possessing a proper understanding of what you need and dream of ensures that your attic conversion meets your expectations.

With 5 Star Attics, you have a team of much experienced and thoroughly trained experts giving shape to what you had dreamed your loft to be. Before we get started on the project, we give you a detailed briefing, a presentation on what your attic will be converted into after we are done.

We are Tallaght’s only company possessing the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to convert your loft into the space of your dreams. We are the perfect people to carry out your attic conversion project with the minimum hassle.

We know what the common concerns of the homeowners of Tallaght are as we have been operating in the area for more than a decade. If you are looking for a major makeover for your attic, you can choose us for the job as we have been fortunate enough to successfully carry out some very unique loft conversion projects. Yes indeed, we have been there and done that so we realise when a project needs some more care and attention. You have our team of experts at your service and they’ll be more than happy to discuss what requirements you have so your attic transformation ideas are applied to a T.

Loft conversion helps raise your home’s market value and create extra living space

Yes, transforming your attic sure is a great idea if you are looking to push up your home’s market value. For those looking to create extra space in their homes without the hassles of having an extension done, attic conversion is the ideal option. Have your loft conversion done right away if you are looking to make optimum use of the available space in your home and raise its market value.

We offer a variety of options if you are looking to give your loft a major makeover at our office in Tallaght. Our talented team has experts not only extremely proficient in attic conversion, but immensely capable of having the job done smoothly. Our team of professionals makes sure that the highest construction standards are maintained and the best interior designing skills are used for an attic conversion in Tallaght that leaves people awestruck.

If you have made the decision and are ready to witness a stunning transformation of your attic, we offer you the following exciting options:

You should make space optimization inside your home a priority so that none of the available space is wasted, no matter what your needs may be. Hence, leaving your attic unused is wasting a space with immense potential. Put it to purposeful use so you can increase the value of your home in the Tallaght market.


The benefits offered by 5 Star Attic when redoing lofts in Tallaght

Hundreds of homeowners have made us our choice since our conversion jobs are simply the best.

We have invaluable experience under our belt!

We have earned considerable popularity in Tallaght for the beautiful loft conversion projects we at 5 Star Attic have delivered successfully helping give shape to the creativity and unique ideas of many homeowners. Trust us with the job of transforming your attic into an awesome space! Our team of experts possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to transform your attic into a swanky space that has your friends and relatives mighty impressed.

We have turned many cluttered and crammed attics into useful spaces and so we confidently say that we know quite a lot about loft transformations. With us by your side, you can realise the immense potential your attic has and our experts convert it into a dream space independently. We give you hassle-free loft conversion and for years, we have been converting cluttered unused attics into spaces bringing households a lot of joy. Consult us for making good use of the extra attic space available in your house.

We comply with the highest standards in our work!

The 5 Star Attics team has earned a good reputation for the high standards of professional and workmanship it maintains. We put in our best efforts to ensure that when we have completed your attic transformation job, we have far exceeded your expectations and that what we deliver finally is much better than what the space used to be. We follow all the regulatory compliances in the book during every stage of the job and we make sure that we are ready with a checklist of the regulations every time you demand it. We are very particular about complying with the necessary regulations as every attic transformation job involves the safety of our clients. We seek an opportunity to show what potential your attic holds, helping create a truly special space in your house you can show off before your guests.

Yes, it’s us you should get in touch with having no second thoughts when it comes to creating a dream space out of your attic.

Take a look at our next section, covering costs, frequently asked questions and more helpful information on what conversions involve.

Browse through our portfolio to see the quality of our workmanship, and the professional service you will receive when you choose 5 Star Attics to undertake your loft conversion or extension. We are a Lucan based company covering the whole of Dublin and the surrounding counties.

Build and design concepts of the loft conversion

Our priority is to ensure that we carry out your attic transformation job smoothly and efficiently. Our Tallaght team leaves no stone unturned to make sure that your loft conversion is seamless and absolutely hassle-free. It’s our priority to ensure that the highest industry standards are complied with while carrying out even minor tasks in the project like drilling and painting.

Our experts visit your house to consult you and know your vision and goal behind the attic conversion job in what is the first phase of the project—the site audit. It’s during this stage that the members in our team make a note of the design ideas and discuss their feasibility with you. The 5 Star Attics team kicks off the project only after all of us have arrived at a common understanding, i.e. the final project objective. The team is excited about picking up the necessary tools and getting started with the many sections of the entire work process. The architectural and structural designing of the attic, surveying the site, planning and readying the regulation applications, and constructing as well as managing the entire project comprise this critical phase.

All you’ll need to do is just hand over your attic transformation job to us and sit back as we take over things to make your dreams come true!

What are the costs involved in attic conversion in Tallaght?

There are various factors that decide what the exact cost of your attic transformation job will be and it differs from home to home. It’s only after we have documented your needs and carried out a thorough inspection at the site that we can share an exact estimate with you. Your vision and objective of the attic transformation job is also very important to deciding the cost of the project. Our team helps you realise your grand plans about transforming your attic keeping the costs reasonable. That said, we can determine the exact cost only after undertaking an extensive research and documenting your requirements properly.

We have earned a reputation for being very clear and honest about the costing involved in all our attic transformation jobs. Never have we included any hidden costs to leave any of our clients surprised midway through the job of transforming a loft. Irrespective of any determining factors coming into the picture, you’ll have to pay only the quoted price. Our reasonable quotations and the “no hidden costs” policy have earned a positive reputation in Tallaght.

Places where we offer our services

Based out of Tallaght, 5 Star Attics specialises in converting lofts. We serve clients in Tallaght, LucanMaynooth, and Dublin. Contact us right away so we can share with you a detailed design mockup and quote that we offer for free. After you have come to an understanding about the objective of transforming your attic, do get in touch with us and we shall be absolutely delighted to change your loft into a space of your dreams after optimising and modernising it.

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