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You can have attic conversion specialists like us convert unused spaces in your house like your attic so you can create some extra space for living or storage. As a leading attic transformation company, we at 5 Star Attics possess the required expertise to remodel your attic into a useful space if you are keen to use every corner of your house productively. We use our experience and expertise in attic conversions Blanchardstown so your much neglected loft is converted into a dream space. You may use your attic simply for storing old unused furniture or you may convert the attic into a cosy reading room offering the privacy you need when pouring through your favourite book.

Our professional team of attic conversion specialists in Blanchardstown offers superior service while making sure that the highest standards are maintained when the project is in progress. The constant and dedicated efforts of our loft conversions Blanchardstown experts have meant that we have always delivered what our customers have sought from us creating a loyal band of customers for us. It’s been an honour working for the many homeowners in Blanchardstown who have approached us to have their attics converted.

As a leading company, we at 5 Star Attics possess thorough and vast experience in attic conversions. We can therefore feature a lot of projects in our portfolio. Since we have performed a number of successful attic remodelling projects, it has given our customers a wide choice of designs they can choose from. You have no idea how many possibilities the loft you neglect offers. We, 5 Star Attics are a company expert at ensuring that your remodelled attic gels with the overall interiors of your home perfectly. Your loft may well turn out into a throbbing party zone or a cosy private place ideal for escaping the noise downstairs. There are indeed immense possibilities! Your vision of the attic conversion is our mission and we offer not only a free mock up design but a reasonable quote as well. We welcome you to explore the many possibilities that your loft holds with us, 5 Star Attics, the leading attic conversion specialists of Blanchardstown.

5 Star Attics, the best choice for attic conversions

You can ensure that your attic conversion meets your expectations only after you hire the right experts who possess a clear understanding of what you seek from the transformed attic.


5 Star Attics is backed by a team of experts with years of experience who have what it takes to give shape to your dreams about your loft. We give you a detailed presentation on how your attic will be converted to the space of your dreams before we start working on the project.

We are the only company in Blanchardstown that has the required knowledge, skills, and expertise to convert your loft into a space you had only dreamt of. We are the ones who give your attic an amazing transformation with you facing the minimum hassle.
Since we have been operating in the area for decades, we realise what common challenges homeowners in Blanchardstown face. We have successfully completed some very unique loft conversion projects which have given us the required expertise making us the people you should approach for a complete makeover of your unused attic. Our vast experience gained through years has given us the insight to realise when a project needs some more looking into. Our team of experts is at your service always and it’ll be only too happy to discuss what your requirements are so we can apply your attic conversion ideas to a T.

Loft conversion helps raise your home’s market value and create extra living space

If you are looking to give your home’s market value a boost, getting an attic transformation done is a terrific idea. You can create some convenient extra space inside your house when you get an attic conversion done without having to face the hassles that come with an extension. Get your loft conversion done by us so you can make optimum use of the space available in your house and raise its market value.

At our office in Blanchardstown, we share a variety of options with you that help give your loft a thorough makeover. With our team by your side, you have people not only proficient in transforming an attic, they are also good at getting the job done smoothly. We ensure that when we carry out the attic conversion, we maintain the highest construction standards and use superior interior designing skills for an end result that makes you the talk of the town at Blanchardstown.

Here are a few exciting options for you to consider if you have decided to give your attic a magical transformation-

Irrespective of your needs, you should make optimal use of the space available in your house a priority. Hence, if you were to leave your attic unused, you would end up wasting a space that holds immense potential. Use your attic wisely so you can raise the market price of your home in Blanchardstown significantly.

The benefits offered by 5 Star Attic when redoing lofts

We have been chosen by hundreds of homeowners seeking loft conversions simply because we are the best.

We have years of experience!

We at 5 Star Attics have given shape to the creative ideas of hundreds of homeowners in Blanchardstown while converting their lofts which has made us considerably popular in the city. We urge you to trust us as we transform your attic into a space you’ll just love! With our team of experts, you can convert your attic into a swanky space your friends and relatives find simply awesome.

We say we know quite a lot about loft conversions with confidence since we have achieved great success in bringing about complete eye-catching transformations in messy attics. We work independently and once we have converted your attic into a magical space, you realise the immense potential your attic always had. We convert your attic in the most hassle-free manner possible and for years we have brought many households in Blanchardstown immense joy by creating lovely spaces out of dilapidated attics. Consult us so you can make good use of the extra attic space your house has.

We conform to the highest safety standards!

We at 5 Star Attics have earned a good reputation for our professionalism and the excellent quality of our workmanship. Our best efforts, which you are assured of, make sure that when we work on your attic, not only do we meet your expectations, but we far exceed them.

We follow all the regulatory requirements at every phase of the project and we make sure that we are ready with a checklist whenever our customer asks for one. We take utmost care to see that every necessary guideline is adhered to during the attic transformation as we understand that it involves your safety and that of your family’s as well. Give us an opportunity to work on your attic so we can transform it and you can have your guests mighty impressed.

Let there be no second thoughts. Call us right away to convert your attic and see it get transformed into a magical space.

Take a look at our next section, covering costs, frequently asked questions and more helpful information on what conversions involve.

Browse through our portfolio to see the quality of our workmanship, and the professional service you will receive when you choose 5 Star Attics to undertake your loft conversion or extension. We are a Lucan based company covering the whole of Dublin and the surrounding counties.

Build and design loft conversion concepts

We put our emphasis on a smooth and efficient transformation of your attic. Our team in Blanchardstown does everything within its means for a seamless and hassle-free conversion of your loft. We make sure that even the most minor tasks like painting and drilling are carried out in compliance with the highest industry standards.

In the first phase of the project—the site audit, our experts visit you for consultations to gauge your vision and goals behind the attic conversion job. Our team discusses the feasibility of the design ideas of the project with you after making a note of them. We at 5 Star Attics start work on the project only after all of us reach common ground about the final project objective. We collect the necessary tools so we can begin work on the various sections of the project with a great deal of excitement. The architectural and structural designing of the attic, surveying the site, planning and readying the regulation applications, and constructing as well as managing the entire project comprise this critical phase.

Sit back and relax as we take it upon ourselves to transform your attic into a magical space you never thought possible.

What are the costs involved in attic conversion in Blanchardstown?

Various factors decide what the cost of an attic transformation job will be and it always differs between homes. We arrive at a position of sharing a proper estimate with you only after we carry out a thorough inspection at your place and document what you seek from the project carefully. What your vision and objectives are about the attic conversion job are important factors in deciding the final cost of the project. We at 5 Star Attics seek to realise your grand plans about your attic transformation with success while keeping the costs under control. The exact cost can be decided only after careful research and planning.

Our honesty about the costs of all our attic conversion jobs has earned us a good reputation. There are no hidden costs that surprise you midway through a project. You pay only the quoted price even after other determining factors come into the picture. We have earned a positive reputation in Blanchardstown for our “no hidden costs” policy.

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