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Leave no space in your home, like your attic unused. Engaging attic conversion specialists to remodel your attic and putting it to purposeful use is a great idea.  We at 5 Star Attics would be delighted to offer you all assistance you need so you can transform your attic into a dream space. We are eager to help you so you can smoothly convert your attic into a useful space. Sip on your favourite drink as you watch our attic conversion Dublin 2 specialists convert your attic into a neat and tidy space. After its remodelling, you may use your attic only to store extra items or even as a cosy bedroom.

During every phase of the construction, our attic conversion specialists make it a point to adhere to the highest industry standards. Providing you with superior service is their motto. After you’ve approached it with your attic conversion project, our loft conversion Dublin 2 team makes every effort to meet your expectations. We feel pride in saying that we have worked with hundreds of homeowners in Dublin 2 and successfully converted the attic in many houses into nice cosy spaces. We therefore have a loyal customer base in Dublin 2 that’s thoroughly pleased with the excellent quality of attic conversion work we have delivered.

As a leading attic conversion company based in Dublin 2, we say with supreme confidence that we are the ones with the necessary expertise to deliver attic conversion jobs successfully. We have an impressive profile since we have completed many attic conversion projects that have been featured in our company portfolio. Having completed many attic conversion projects, we offer great variety in our attic conversion jobs. Our customers therefore have a wide range of loft conversion projects to choose from. 

We give you the opportunity to explore the immense potential your attic holds of which you have no idea. The converted attic must go well with the overall interiors of your home so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. We at 5 Star Attics make sure of that. Your attic does indeed offer many possibilities—you may convert it into only a store room or even a cosy study with much valued privacy. Give us a call so we can share a free mock-up design and a reasonable quote. You’ll realise what makes us so popular in Dublin 2 once you have seen the professionalism and efficiency in our work.

The right people to convert your attic- 5 Star Attics

You must choose only those attic conversion specialists who thoroughly and clearly understand what your expectations from the attic conversion job are. The job has to reflect your desires and needs. As we proceed with the loft conversion job, you’ll be amazed to see how your ideas and vision start taking shape. We make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the final result of the attic conversion job will be through effective and regular communication with you and a detailed walkover. It’s the reason why 5 Star Attics has no disappointed customers in Dublin 2.

5 Star Attics are the only ones in Dublin 2 possessing the required skills and expertise to successfully deliver attic conversion jobs. Therefore, we should be your automatic choice. We change your attic completely with remarkable efficiency keeping things hassle-free. We are a one-stop-shop in Dublin 2 for a magical transformation in your loft.

Over the years, the valuable experience we have gained in loft conversions has given us the capability to serve the people in and around Dublin 2. Today, we understand what challenges homeowners face when they look to remodel their loft with us. We have been approached by many homeowners and we have delivered many attic conversion jobs successfully. The various jobs we have done have given us an understanding of when an attic job needs extra attention so that things stay in control. We make sure that your plans are executed to the ‘T’ after we have discussed them with you. 5 Star Attics are the people behind hundreds of happy homeowners in Dublin 2 delighted with our attic conversion jobs. Our amazing loft transformations have left them pleasantly surprised.

Apart from creating extra space, loft conversion projects increase a home’s market value

You would do well to convert your attic into a useful space if you are keen to raise the Dublin 2 market value of your home. If you’re thinking of increasing space inside your home without tackling extension job hassles, loft conversion is your best bet. Let’s start working on your loft conversion job now so you can make optimum use of the space available inside your home. You can greatly increase your home’s market value in Dublin 2 with our attic conversion job.

Once you decide to convert your attic with us, we offer many options at our Dublin 2 office. During the entire project, our experts conform to the highest loft conversion standards. Using their skills in interior designing, they offer you very effective attic conversion solutions. After we are done with converting your attic, you are sure to be amazed by the stunning transformation in your loft. We have worked on hundreds of attic conversion jobs in Dublin 2 and every time, we have delivered the desired results making our customers very pleased indeed. 

Your guests are sure to be impressed with the amazing transformation we bring about in your attic through our innovative ideas. You can convert your loft into:

Ensure that you waste no extra space your house has on offer, especially the attic. Get your loft converted by us and create a dream space. It would be unwise to leave your attic unused. Therefore, we suggest that you convert it into a useful space by using our services and raise your home’s Dublin 2 market value.

The benefits of choosing 5 Star Attics

We possess a lot of experience!

After successfully implementing the creative ideas and visions of homeowners drawing upon our years of experience, we have converted many a loft in Dublin 2. We therefore have the confidence in saying that it’s us you should trust for a magical transformation of your attic. Our years of experience have given us the skills and expertise needed for transforming your attic completely to create a dream space.

We have found success in transforming many unbelievably messy attics in Dublin 2 and the surrounding areas. We are the ones to approach when you are looking to remodel your attic since we know the job inside out. Once we have converted your loft, you realise the immense potential it always had. We make sure that you can impress your guests with the magical space we create after taking all the trouble of converting your attic. Your attic has been converted amazingly into a space you adore now, your favourite space to chill.

We adhere to the highest standards!

The superb workmanship and skills of our team in Dublin 2 has helped it earn quite a reputation. Our mission is to see that the final loft conversion job not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. The team makes it a point to adhere to all the regulatory requirements and it has a checklist of the same kept ready for the customer. Since your family’s and your safety are stake, we make it a point to abide by all the necessary regulations. Even when performing minor jobs like painting and drilling, we make sure that during every phase of the attic conversion job, the highest standards are adhered to.

Build and design conversion concepts of lofts

We make sure that the attic conversion job is completed smoothly. We visit you to understand your vision about the attic conversion. We discuss how feasible your ideas about the attic conversion are. We get the necessary tools and proceed with the attic conversion job after we understand its goals. This includes creating the architectural and structural design of the loft, planning the regulation applications and readying them, surveying the site, construction and managing the entire attic project. We ensure a hassle-free and seamless attic conversion job.

What’s the cost of an attic conversion job?

Varying between homes, various factors go into deciding an attic conversion cost. We offer an estimate after a site inspection. Your visualisation of the attic conversion also matters. We make sure that the attic conversion project stays within your budget. No hidden costs that give you a jolt midway through the project are there. You pay only the price we quoted irrespective of the determining factors. Extensive research brings us to the final cost. We have won customer trust in Dublin 2 with our “no hidden costs” policy.

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