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When was the last time you visited the loft in your home? Probably a long while ago, right? But, don’t worry, that’s not just you. People often ignore the lofts in their houses instead of making maximum use of them. For this precise reason, 5 Star Attics has stepped up its game to do magical attic conversions in Howth to transform your dream loft into a reality. 

5 Star Attics focuses on turning your attic into a great storage area or extra space for storage. We have a fantastic team of experienced individuals who dedicate themselves to improving your houses. Our attic conversions portfolio stands out because of our holistic projects that have transformed loft conversions into something spectacular. 

So, if you have a vision for your attic conversions and want to see it become a reality, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does 5 Star Attics offer the highest quality of work, but they also provide free mock-up attic conversions designs to give you a general idea. So, if you’re sitting on the idea of doing something with your attics, it’s time to gear up and trust in us to do it for you.

Get Started With 5-Star Attics

If you want to convert or renovate your loft, it’s time you take some serious action. Extra space for storage? Well, the first step is easy. Choose 5 Star Attic conversion specialists in Howth to help you with the entire attic conversions process.

When you have a vision in your head, it’s crucial to pick specialists that can take your attic conversions idea and make it a reality. We have a team of experts with extensive skills and a flexible mind capable of great imagination. We aim to work with you instead “for you” to build the design that will make your loft conversions a stunning process.

We have been in the attic conversions in Howth business for many years, which has equipped us with the tools to know the common concerns and inquiries of the citizens here. We have worked with all sorts of house infrastructures to know what problems can be avoided altogether and cost you a minimum amount for the transformation.

So, when it comes to attic conversions in Howth, we know what we’re doing.

Why Should You Go For Loft Conversions?

Have you considered your house’s value and want to elevate it? What about extra living space, has that been on your mind? How about attic conversions? Well, all of these are good reasons to get your loft conversions in Howth. So, if you’ve been thinking about attic conversions for a while, this is your sign to choose 5 Star Attics and get the work started. Following are some of the designs that 5 Star Attics transformed lofts into:

So, gear up for attic conversions and see that space turn into something your entire family can enjoy. The best part is, the whole attic conversions project increase your home’s value in the market.

Why Should 5-Star Attics Be The First Choice To Remodel Your Loft In Howth?

5-Star Attics is your best bet if you’re looking loft conversions. Not convinced? Keep reading to find out why attic conversions with us should be your top choice.

Our Extensive Experienced!

Turning your vision into a reality is not an easy job. But our team can do it because we have true attic conversions specialists. 5 Star attics’ experts are fully equipped to completely modify your attics, no matter how tricky the job is.

We Never Compromise on the Quality!

Our experts dedicate themselves fully to the job. It’s not just a chore for them, it’s a passion. We use the highest quality material to build our designs and ensure that the execution is the best you’ve ever seen. Our attic conversions in Howth never deter from using all the standard regulations to ensure that you, your family, and your property are in the best hands.

Take a look at our next section, covering costs, frequently asked questions and more helpful information on what conversions involve.

Browse through our portfolio to see the quality of our workmanship, and the professional service you will receive when you choose 5 Star Attics to undertake your loft conversion or extension. We are a Lucan based company covering the whole of Dublin and the surrounding counties.

Loft Conversions: Design and Process

Our company relies on its experience to ensure that the whole transformation period is smooth and steady for you. Many people in the town don’t consider upgrading their lofts because of the hassle it would create, but we eliminate that risk for you. Our team is made up of individuals who have years of expertise in attic conversions on their hands. Moreover, we use the highest quality materials. All of these factors combined are a recipe for a spectacular transformation.

The process is simple, and your wishes are the core. First, you’ll relay your vision to our attic conversions team. Once the design is finalized, we jump to making designs related to the structure and architecture of your house. Site surveying, construction, and project management are the following significant steps. But, the good news is that your attic conversions in Howth is initiated only after knowing what you want.

How Much Will A Standard Loft Conversions in Howth Cost?

The truth is that every house’s structure is unique, so each attic looks different and requires different amounts of work. Keeping this in mind, there is no way to keep a standard price for a loft conversion as attic conversion costs Howth cannot be determined without a survey and knowing the requirements. So, the cost largely depends on your attic size, your attic’s condition, and what you’re planning to do with it.

5 Star attic provides the best attic conversions prices in the market. We are transparent about costing policies, so you don’t have to worry about additional hidden costs that usually come attached with attic conversions project. We pride ourselves on our credibility, which is why the price we will agree on is the price you will pay at the end of the process.

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