Benefits Of Converting Your Attic Into A Bedroom

If you need to make more space at home, one of the most cost effective ways to achieve this is to consider converting the loft space into a beautiful attic bedroom.

With the price of properties continuing to rise, homeowners are considering how to increase their living space without having the hassle of selling their home and moving into a more expensive property.

Most properties are suitable for changing attic rooms, so we’ve put together the main benefits of converting attics into bedrooms that will afford you more space at home.

1. More Space

An attic room is the perfect solution for homeowners when they are confronted with the need for more space at home to accommodate a new addition to the family or if the need for an extra bedroom arises. It can provide an alternative option to moving home and the stress that can be associated with that process.

A carefully planned out attic room, could answer your needs and provide that extended space into which the family can grow. Converting the attic space into a bedroom means you are using the property to its fullest extent.

2. Beat Property Price Increases

Adding an attic bedroom conversion is an ideal way for a property owner to beat the escalation of house pricing and could protect you from massive increases. Moving to another house instead of converting the attic will likely be much more expensive, especially when you add in the fees and long term increase in mortgage payments.

If your objective is simply to add another room then converting the attic into a bedroom is likely to be a more cost effective way to add more floor space to your property instead of selling your house and buying a new one.

3. Increase Your Own Property Value

Of course, don’t forget that if you decide to convert the loft into an attic bedroom, you’re making an investment in your property that will undoubtedly increase the overall value of your property.

If you ensure that you work with a reputable company who provide attic conversions in Dublin, and the work is carried out to meet with building and regulatory guidelines, there is no doubt that this will make your house more desirable than other properties in your area, should you want to move in the future.

4. Added Peace & Tranquility

The extra space that you will be afforded once the attic bedroom is ready will provide a further area in your home to escape and get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Designing the space to provide a bright and calming environment will allow you to take yourself away and enjoy the peace and quiet away from the bustle of a normal family home. The spacious surroundings that you’ll end up with will give you a chance to unwind.

5. Self Contained Living

One of the most important benefits of attic bedrooms is the ability turn the space into a fully contained living area. Whether it’s a full loft conversion or dormer attic conversion, you could design the space to include an for sleeping, an area for relaxing and have a en-suite bathroom facility installed to complete the self contained space which could be perfect for any visitors who might stay over.


This guide is to help people who might be thinking of moving or who are considering converting attics into bedrooms to provide extra space in their property. The benefits of attic bedrooms are clear; adding more space to your home, increasing the property value, saving you money instead of moving and giving you the tranquil space to escape the day to day grind.

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