Is your attic ready for a conversion?

Is Your Attic Ready For A Conversion? | 5 Star Attics

Are you Feeling the need for more space in your home? There’s a high chance your attic holds the solution. It might be the perfect time to consider an attic conversion, a practical way to enhance your living space. 

Whether you’re looking for a cozy little private corner or an extra guestroom, the answer could be an attic conversion.

But how do you do it? Let’s explore that and all the requirements for the perfect attic conversion in this post!

How to Decide if You Can Convert Your Attic Space

Measuring your attic’s dimensions and checking the roof pitch are the first steps for an attic conversion. 

First, calculate the floor area by multiplying its length and width. Also, to create a habitable space, you should clear 2.4m for 50% of the floor space.

Remember that conversions usually use about 70% of the original space. This is an excellent way to assess if your attic can afford a conversion.

Planning Permission for Your Attic Conversion

Per current building regulations, if your attic is converted as a  “non-habitable” space, you won’t need planning permission to convert it.

Such conversions employ plumbing, ventilation, Velux windows, and insulation. Ultimately, they are perfect for adding a guestroom or office to your home.

On the other hand, converting it into a “habitable space” has different requirements. First, you need an area with more than 50% of the ceilings being at least 2.2 meters high. 

Adding a dormer window will increase the headroom and meet construction regulations. It also gives the owner a space suitable for sleeping and living.

However, abiding by building laws is the most critical aspect of a conversion, regardless of whether it is habitable or inhabitable.

So, the floor landing under the conversion must have enough room for the stairs to follow building and fire regulations. 

Moreover, the steps must be 800mm wide with a pitch lower than 42 degrees. You’ll also require a window or roof light, fire-resistant floor beams, insulation, and ventilation.

The Cost of Attic Conversion

Opting for a semi-detached, non-habitable conversion will cost you around €1,500/sqm. However, a fully-equipped habitable attic conversion with a bedroom and bathroom will cost at least €60,000.

The final price will depend on your preferred design and finish. Nevertheless, ensure that all the work is certified before finalizing the conversion.

If you decide to convert your attic into a habitable space, adhere to building and fire regulations. Additionally, check the floor’s landing below the conversion to see whether there is enough room for a stairway.

Finally, employ only skilled workers and professional services, making certification your top priority. Next, if you have any questions regarding planning regulations, check with your local planning authority to discuss them in detail.

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