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If you have some extra unused space in your house like your attic, you can engage attic conversion specialists like us and have it converted into some added space. We at 5 Star Attics shall be more than happy to remodel your attic. We provide all the assistance needed to convert an attic. You’ll be amazed by how our attic conversions South Dublin create a magical space out of your attic which you had so far neglected. You can transform your attic into a cosy bedroom or a space ideal for storing extra items. 

The attic conversion specialists at 5 Star Attics look forward to assist you with quality service while focusing on conforming to industry standards during the entire attic conversion. Once you’ve decided to remodel your attic, our loft conversion South Dublin team puts its best foot forward to ensure that your expectations are met. We have created a lovely space out of a neglected attic after working with hundreds of homeowners in and around South Dublin. We have been able to impress our customers greatly with our attic conversion jobs in South Dublin. 

As a prominent attic conversion company, we have all it takes to complete attic conversions in South Dublin hassle-free. We have featured many successful attic conversion projects in our company portfolio which has given us an impressive profile. Our customers therefore have a wide array of loft conversion jobs they can take their pick from. Your attic may be converted into a cute playroom or even a study—you may not be aware of the potential your attic holds. 5 Star Attics also makes sure that your converted attic goes very well with the overall interiors of your home. We give you a free mock-up design and a reasonable quote as well. You’ll realise why we are so popular in South Dublin after the amazing transformation we bring about in your attic. You’re sure to be impressed with our attic conversion jobs efficiency.

Choose the right people- 5 Star Attics

Pick only those attic conversion specialists who clearly understand what you expect from the attic transformation. It’ll ensure that the converted attic is a reflection of your desires. After we start working on your loft conversion, you’ll love watching how your dream space starts taking shape. We give you a thorough walkover so you have a clear idea how your attic will look like after the job. There are enough reasons after all, why we have no disappointed customers in South Dublin. 

We at 5 Star Attics have been in the attic conversion business for more than a decade now serving the people of South Dublin diligently. We therefore understand very well what challenges homeowners in South Dublin face when a loft is being converted. We have delivered innumerable successful attic conversions after being approached by people with their loft conversion jobs. It has helped us form a clear understanding of when exactly an attic conversion job needs extra care and attention so that the end result doesn’t disappoint. It’s us, 5 Star Attics, the people behind many happy homeowners in South Dublin who are mighty pleased with the attic transformation we delivered.

Apart from creating extra space, loft conversion projects raise a home’s market value as well

It’s a great idea to raise the market value of your home in South Dublin by converting your attic. An attic transformation helps you create extra space inside your home without facing the hassles of an extension job. We are just a call away if you’re looking to remodel your attic and create a beautiful space. Transforming your loft is a foolproof way of increasing the market value of your home in South Dublin. You can market your home more forcefully and grab a better bargain if you ever think of selling it. 

Our South Dublin team offers many options you can choose from after you decide to convert your attic with us. We assure you that we conform to the highest loft conversion standards. We use our interior designing skills to the hilt to create effective attic conversion solutions. You’re sure to be amazed by the stunning transformation in your attic. We have worked on many attic conversion projects in South Dublin. Our customers are very pleased with the loft transformations. We won’t disappoint you either, we assure you. 

You guests are sure to be impressed once they see your transformed attic. There are many options that you can choose from when converting your attic. You may turn it into a:

Make sure you waste no extra space inside your home, especially the attic. Convert your unused loft to create a magical dream space. Have your attic transformed to push up your home’s South Dublin market value.

Why Should You Choose 5 Star Attics?

We possess lots of experience!

After gaining years of experience in the industry, we have successfully transformed the loft in many South Dublin homes. We can therefore say with confidence that we can create magic out of your attic by drawing upon the years of experience we have gained. People in South Dublin have witnessed how we have converted the ugly attic in many homes into a lovely space. We understand attic conversions inside out now and our job is sure to impress your guests.

We adhere to the highest standards!

Our team in South Dublin makes it a point to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met with and we are always ready with a checklist of the same for our customers. With your and your family’s safety at stake, we make sure all regulations are adhered to even when carrying out minor jobs like painting and drilling all through the attic conversion. Our attic conversion is sure to exceed your expectations. Yes, we are the ones to approach if you are looking to convert your much neglected attic into a dream space.

Build and design loft conversion concepts

We pay you a visit to understand what your vision and mission about the attic conversion are. We take notes and discuss the feasibility of your ideas. We create a clear understanding of what you seek from the attic conversion and then get the necessary equipment. This comprises of architectural and structural design of the loft, planning and readying the regulation applications, surveying the site, construction as well as project management of the entire attic project. We keep your attic conversion hassle-free.

What are the costs?

There are various deciding factors and they vary from one attic conversion to another. We inspect the site and present you with an estimate after clear documentation. Your vision and goals about the attic conversion also decide the cost. There’s no hidden cost that gives you a rude jolt midway through a project. Irrespective of the determining factors, you pay only the quoted price. Our “no hidden costs” policy and our honesty have helped us earn the trust of our customers in South Dublin.

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