What is a dormer attic conversion?

What is a Dormer Attic Conversion? Unlocking the hidden potential within your attic can be a game-changer for any homeowner. Traditional attic conversions can be tricky in Dublin, where most attics contain water tanks. But at Attic Conversions Dublin, we don’t let these challenges get in the way of our expert services. With our dormer […]

Do I need Planning Permission for an Attic Conversion?

Planning Permission for Attic Conversions: What You Need to Know If you’re thinking about adding living space to your home, chances are you are considering an attic conversion. Converting your attic into an additional bedroom, a child’s play area or a home office is an economical way to use an under-utilized space practically. Given their […]

Will An attic conversion Add Value to My Home?

Will An Attic Conversion Add Value to My Home? Most people work around a strict budget when it comes to renovations or remodeling projects. With limited resources, you’ll often have to choose between aesthetic changes or making changes to the living space. If you want to remodel your property to profit from your investment, your […]

Is your attic ready for a conversion?

Is Your Attic Ready For A Conversion? | 5 Star Attics Are you Feeling the need for more space in your home? There’s a high chance your attic holds the solution. It might be the perfect time to consider an attic conversion, a practical way to enhance your living space.  Whether you’re looking for a […]

5 Common Mistakes When Doing An Attic Conversion

Finding a house with ample space in a city is a dream. But why wait for that day to have it all when you can have it all now? All you need to do is find a way to create more space in your home.  Raising an eyebrow in confusion? Well, some people expand their […]

Why Improving is Better than Moving | 5 Star Attics

Does change always have to mean “new?” Not really, because in the authentic sense, change can also mean “to renew.” So, why do so many people jump to pack their bags and change their addresses when upgrading their lifestyles? It’s because they don’t know the secret that improving is better than moving. In theory, a […]

How to make your attic conversion the perfect child’s room

Children are notorious for changing their minds and making a fuss. If you are a growing family, an attic conversion might be the answer to add extra living space. Whether you have a baby on the way or a teenager who has outgrown their existing room, a well-designed attic room is a brilliant substitute for […]

Benefits Of Converting Your Attic Into A Bedroom

If you need to make more space at home, one of the most cost effective ways to achieve this is to consider converting the loft space into a beautiful attic bedroom. With the price of properties continuing to rise, homeowners are considering how to increase their living space without having the hassle of selling their […]

How Long Does It Take To Complete An Attic Conversion and What Are The Necessary Steps?

Attic conversions have for a long time been a favourite choice of homeowners to increase the space inside their homes. Most applications see the addition of more bedrooms or even a bedroom and en-suite bathroom combination. Since 2020, with the increase in people working from home, the attic has become an attractive, alternative space that […]